An Edo based organization, hence the Bini name …IDIA. Queen Idia was the mother of Oba Esigie of the ancient Benin kingdom. She is no doubt the most celebrated heroine in the history of Benin kingdom. MORE




The Ebola Virus is a deadly hemmorhagic viral disease affecting parts of west africa including Nigeria.

To find out ways in which you can join Idia Renaissance in "The Ebola Enlightment" and safety precaution materials, email us at info@idia-renaissance.org


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Mrs Eki Igbinedion

While at the university, Eki was actively involved in Student Affairs activities.

This was amply demonstrated by her election as Vice-President of the Umoja Black Student Association and also by her appointment as the coordinator of the African Students Association of the Boston University in the year 1980.









Ban Ki Moon "Every where, people are living in fear, fear of losing their jobs, fear of being unable to feed their families, fear that Government and public institutions will fail them yet again. It is up to us, organizations like yours and mine to help restore that faith. To deliver for people in need; to not forget people in need especially now when times are so hard" - (UN Secretary General) Ban Ki - Moon
Kofi anaan "The trafficking in persons, particularly women and children for forced and exploitative labour including for sexual exploitation is one of the most egregious violations of human right which the United Nations now confronts"
- Kofi Annan(Former UN Secretary General)

IDIA RENAISSANCE is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization working through Research, Education and Enlightenment towards the restoration of the dignity of women, youths and children in Nigeria. Idia Renaissance is a personal initiative of Mrs. Eki Igbinedion. It started out of her determined effort to combat the disturbing scourge of human trafficking, prostitution, maternal mortality, drug abuse, cultism, youth restiveness, HIV/AIDS and other... READ MORE


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